Friday, September 7, 2012

First Week of High School

Juliana just finished her first week of High School!

And I just finished my first week of being a mom of a high schooler.

To re-cap the week, here are some of Juliana's observations (and some of mine.)

Juliana's "First Week of High School" Observations:

1. "I never got lost (going to my classes)."

2. "School bus radios go up really loud.  Especially when the driver plays Gospel!"

3. "I know over half the people in my American History class."

4.  "School lunch is better in high school than in junior high.  And elementary school lunch is inedible."

5. "There's no dress code other than 'No Hats or Bandanas' and 'No Naughty T-Shirts."

My "First Week as a Mom of a High Schooler" Observations:

1.  "5:45 am is WAAAY too early to get up in the morning for a teen (and a mother!)"

2.  "Juliana seems happy and confident.  She doesn't seem to be worried at all.  I am very relieved."

3. "I'm surprised how much Juliana likes her Orchestra class.  Great!  I hope to hear lots of cello practicing!"

4.  "I hope the homework for her Culinary Arts class includes 'Cooking Dinner for Your Family!'"

5.  "I had worry dreams the night before Juliana started high school.  But now I know it's going to be OK.  She's ready!  And, finally, I feel ready too."

What are your observations about your child's first week of school?


  1. We survived too! I agree, the early wake up time is the HARDEST new thing to adjust to. Other than that, Charlie seems to like most of his classes-they had an 'open house' on Thursday night where I met a few of his teachers, if nothing else to put a face to a name and find out how to best contact them, and how often they update their info on the school website. Charlie is going to check out the Debate club today, we will see if that is something that interests him. He tried school lunch the first day and decided he would go back to taking his own lunch...

    Looking forward to our date-you pick the spot!

    1. Yeah, we all survived! I'll be interested in finding out how Charlie likes the Debate club. Juliana hasn't shown interest yet in any clubs, but she is really liking Orchestra. She even practiced her cello this weekend, for the first time in months!

      Let's go to Colossal (across from Speedy). I can't wait to see you!