Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Bliss List

It's almost the end of 2012 and I'm linking up with the Liv Lane's last Little Bliss List today to express my thanks for some of the people, events and things that brought me a little bliss this past year.

1. My family

From my teen daughter saying, "I love you" every night before bed to the family reunion "Up North" this summer, my family has been the most bliss-giving part of 2012.

Christmas 2012

2. My pets

Once again, the power of pets is established.  It's wonderful to have little fuzzy creatures to give us love and be loved.

Lily, our dog.

3. My decision to write more

Beginning in December, I went to full-time writing!  I have set goals for myself and I'm on my way.  I'll be taking a class at the Loft soon to help me reach my goal of finishing my book proposal, sending it out to agents, and then actually finishing the book:)

4. The Sun

I suffer from pretty severe SAD.  There have been some rough patches, but I am so thankful for sunny winter days.  They bring me a lot of bliss.

5. My new car

After 8 years, I've gotten a new car and it is very fun and cute!  It's a VW Tiguan, which is a mini-SUV.  I've never had a SUV type car and I like it.  My old Passat was dying, very expensively, so it's nice to have a reliable, fun vehicle.  Ahh, bliss.

What are the people, events or things that brought you some bliss this past year?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Day After Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year with family!

Grandma, Grandpa, and two of my nephews.

We ate delicious Norwegian (NOT Swedish) meatballs and cookies.

My uncle and cousins.
We opened presents.

We had a good time.

My brother and his family.

But the next morning, we found this . . .

What a mess!

The bags that held the discarded wrapping paper and ribbon were ripped apart, paper spilling out, and bits of plastic everywhere.

Who did such a deed?

The cat.

The cat with the evidence.

I asked him if he had any remorse.

Such attitude when confronted with his crime.

He said, "No."

So, I cleaned up more than I bargained for on the Day After Christmas.  Luckily, the tree is still standing and the memories are still happy.

My husband, daughter, and me.

I hope all of you had a very, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

What Brings You Joy?

For Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week, I chose the prompt:

5) List the top 9 things that bring you joy.

Since I can only list 9 things, I'm sharing the Best of the Best, the Top of the Top things that fill me up with happiness and joy!

1 - My 14 year old daughter!

She brings me joy everyday.  Even when she's being a pain she still makes me smile, laugh, and feel happy that she's mine.

2. My husband.

Some of you are wondering why he wasn't number 1.  Well, I didn't want to have a tie, so he get's the number 2 (practically number 1) spot!  He makes me laugh every day.  And he understands me so well.

Here he is taking his picture with the cat.  Look at the cat's reaction!

3. My Pets.

We have a sneaky cat, goofy dog, and fuzzy bunny.

This is Cheech.

And here's Lily.

I don't have a good photo of Otter, our rabbit.  I better get on that!

4.  Being with Friends and Family.

Here's my friend Sarah on craft day!

This is my sister-in-law and two of my nephews at a family reunion.

5. The North Shore of Lake Superior.

This is Lake Superior, near Duluth on a windy day.

6.  Florida in Winter.

Ahhh, I love sun, palm trees, and water.

7.  Writing and Being an Author.

I'm very lucky to have the time to write.  I write my blog, children's books, and I'm working on my humorous parenting book.  The proposal should be ready to go in the next month.  Yea!

Here I am at the book launch for Muriel's Red Sweater in 2009.  That's my daughter helping out.

8. My Bed.

It's so cozy and warm, especially in winter.  Since my bedroom is the warmest, sunniest place in the house, I spend a lot of time here in the winter months - writing, reading, resting.

9.  People.

I love meeting new people everyday.  My daughter says I can talk to anyone, anywhere.  That's pretty much true.  So, if you see me, say, "hi."  I'll be happy to make a new friend!

What are the top 9 things that give you joy?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Early Morning Pictures of A Teen

My poor daughter.

She's subjected to all manner of indignity.

Including, early morning photo sessions.

My father-in-law is creating a family calendar for Christmas.  He was on a deadline and needed one last photo!

So, I forced my sleepy teen to pose at 6:30 am.

I can't believe you're making me do this.

You can see why this is not a good idea.

Poor kid.

I'm trying.

She suffers.

Are we done now?

Ahh, at last, a keeper.

I hope Grandpa chooses this one for the calendar!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Snow - The Starks Are Always Right!

It's snowing outside, and it's gorgeous!

This is the first real snow of the season.

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize the quote, "Winter's Coming."  They're right, of course.  Winter has arrived.

Outside it's perfect snowball snow because it's wet enough to stick together in a ball.

It also sticks to trees.

My daughter said she loves how it looks on the lilac bushes every year.

These daisy stems now have round snow balls on top!

Here's my husband about to go move his car out of our unplowed driveway.  Good luck, Honey!

Inside it's nice and warm.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated (as of yesterday!)  My crafty area is in the background.

Of all the presents under the tree, there were NONE for me.  I commented on this grievous fact.  Now there are two.  I think I'm the only wrapper who is actually done wrapping.

These three little balls are very old.  They are made of glass and from my Great-Grandmother who was 100% Norwegian.

Lastly, this handmade sweater ornament is only a few years old.  My mother gave it to me for Christmas.  It sure is darn cute!

I hope all of you are happy and healthy at this festive (and sometimes stressful) time of year.  Enjoy the snow now, while it's new and beautiful.  You might not appreciate it this much come February.

Now, I'm going out to throw some snowballs!