Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not-So-Solo Vacation

For the last two days of my Solo Vacation I haven't been very "solo."  I drove down to Fort Myers Beach to spend some time with my aunt and uncle.

It's always great to visit them!

We walked on the beach, went shopping, and ate great food.

Their place is right on the bay that leads out to the Gulf of Mexico.
Fort Myers Beach, FL

It's February and this beautiful hibiscus is blooming!  Back home in Minnesota it's a very monochromatic white and grey.

Here's my Aunt Patty and Uncle Dave!

Me on my Not-So-Solo Vacation.

Now I'm back in Sarasota and ready to dig into my writing again!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Is That An Alligator?

For Day 2 of my Solo Vacation, I visited the Myakka River State Park outside of Sarasota, Florida.  It's the biggest state park in Florida and has over 4,000 alligators living in it.  It also has deer, wild pigs, some small cats (bobcats), turtles, water snakes, and a LOT of different kinds of birds!

This was the first time I've seen an alligator in the wild.  And I wasn't disappointed.  This 9 foot female alligator was soaking up the sun just feet from the visitor center!  All they had was a little, orange cone warning that she was there.

She's got one eye open, looking at me.

I took a tour on a big fan boat.  We saw a lot more gators and tons of birds including Little Blue Heron, Cormorant, Ibis, and many more.

My parting shot is a picture of another gator swimming away.

Take away lesson:  Do NOT go swimming in fresh water lakes in Florida!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Solo Vacation - Day 1

This week I'm chronically my solo vacation/writing retreat in Florida.  This is the first time I've taken a real solo vacation.  So far, it's both exciting and lonely.  I'm enjoying the warm weather immensely.  I'm having fun doing whatever I want, when I want.  But, I also miss my family and wish they were here to share in the experience.

And yet.

This solo trip is a true getaway.  A chance to write, to soak up some Vitamin D, and enjoy some little adventures.  All on my own.

Day 1:

1. I walked on the beach where I saw shells, a little sandpiper, and a fisherman.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida

2. Wrote by the pool and turned a little bit pink.  (Note to self:  Wear sunscreen tomorrow!)

The Pool

3. Damaged my rental car (slightly).  Oops.

(No Picture = No Proof!)

4. Visited the Marie Selby Gardens.



Bamboo - which is actually a type of grass!

Who knows?

5. Made a new friend named Hildegard who is also a solo-vacationer.  Hildegard has already invited me over to see her condo and admire the master shower that has two water heads.  She thinks it's the honeymoon suite.  Hildegard is from Canada.  She's in her 70's.

On tap for tomorrow:  Seeing alligators at Myakka River State Park, writing, and wearing sunscreen!