Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Bliss List

It's almost the end of 2012 and I'm linking up with the Liv Lane's last Little Bliss List today to express my thanks for some of the people, events and things that brought me a little bliss this past year.

1. My family

From my teen daughter saying, "I love you" every night before bed to the family reunion "Up North" this summer, my family has been the most bliss-giving part of 2012.

Christmas 2012

2. My pets

Once again, the power of pets is established.  It's wonderful to have little fuzzy creatures to give us love and be loved.

Lily, our dog.

3. My decision to write more

Beginning in December, I went to full-time writing!  I have set goals for myself and I'm on my way.  I'll be taking a class at the Loft soon to help me reach my goal of finishing my book proposal, sending it out to agents, and then actually finishing the book:)

4. The Sun

I suffer from pretty severe SAD.  There have been some rough patches, but I am so thankful for sunny winter days.  They bring me a lot of bliss.

5. My new car

After 8 years, I've gotten a new car and it is very fun and cute!  It's a VW Tiguan, which is a mini-SUV.  I've never had a SUV type car and I like it.  My old Passat was dying, very expensively, so it's nice to have a reliable, fun vehicle.  Ahh, bliss.

What are the people, events or things that brought you some bliss this past year?


  1. Hello Dara, You have much love and joy in your life! I enjoyed "meeting" you thru the Build a Better Blog class this summer. Bliss highlights this past year? Reconnecting with extended relatives; traveling to Italy; sweet time with my husband, our daughters & puppy; more art being incorporated into my client healing sessions; being invited to exhibit my healing art at a local hospital . . . MUCH is good. Blessings to you with your committed author journey!

    1. Hi Janet, thanks for the comments. I enjoyed "meeting" you too during BBTL. Since I think you live in the Twin Cities, maybe we'll meet in person too! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you! Italy - swoon. Sounds like your business is growing and expanding to include more of your art. Way to go!! Happy New Years!

  2. Hi Dara,
    Thank you for taking part in the giveaway on my blog for a print and for Rachel Awe's book. She is a dear friend and I just love her book. I would like to send you a card that I make for taking part. Just email me at

    Also... Congratulations on writing full time. That is wonderful and a big step. Wow, so Brave! and Full!! I hope your enjoy your classes at the Loft also this year! Lisa xo