Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Snow - The Starks Are Always Right!

It's snowing outside, and it's gorgeous!

This is the first real snow of the season.

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize the quote, "Winter's Coming."  They're right, of course.  Winter has arrived.

Outside it's perfect snowball snow because it's wet enough to stick together in a ball.

It also sticks to trees.

My daughter said she loves how it looks on the lilac bushes every year.

These daisy stems now have round snow balls on top!

Here's my husband about to go move his car out of our unplowed driveway.  Good luck, Honey!

Inside it's nice and warm.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated (as of yesterday!)  My crafty area is in the background.

Of all the presents under the tree, there were NONE for me.  I commented on this grievous fact.  Now there are two.  I think I'm the only wrapper who is actually done wrapping.

These three little balls are very old.  They are made of glass and from my Great-Grandmother who was 100% Norwegian.

Lastly, this handmade sweater ornament is only a few years old.  My mother gave it to me for Christmas.  It sure is darn cute!

I hope all of you are happy and healthy at this festive (and sometimes stressful) time of year.  Enjoy the snow now, while it's new and beautiful.  You might not appreciate it this much come February.

Now, I'm going out to throw some snowballs!

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