Monday, October 1, 2012

Things Teens Never Say

Today I was inspired by Scary Mommy's post Things Children Never Say.

Since I have a new high school freshman in the house, I decided to write my own list featuring TEENS.


Things Teens Never Say

1.  I'm so glad school starts at 7:30 am.

2.  Could you please chaperone the Homecoming Dance?

3.  I don't want a car for my 16th birthday.  That's way too much!

4.  I don't need a raise in my allowance.  I have enough money already.

5.  I'll clean the cat box right away.

6.  I have so much homework this weekend.  I'll think I'll do it Friday night.

7.  Can I go to bed early?

8.  That rated R movie is too racy for me.

9.  Can you teach me how to dress?

10.  Let me help you with that!

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