Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Daughter is Employed

At age 14, my daughter has joined the American Workforce!

In other words, she has a job.

Sweeping the grocery store patio

In June she told me she wanted to get a job.  I was very surprised.  Other than babysitting, I didn't have a real job until college.

My daughter isn't really into babysitting.

But, she is into having cold hard cash.

So, she decided to get a job.

At 14, employment prospects are slim.

Luckily, our neighborhood grocery store took a chance on her.

She is employed 3-4 hours/week at minimum wage.

Her duties include:
• Pulling weeds
• Sweeping
• Watering plants
• Picking up trash

The garden area needs watering.

Don't forget to pull the weeds.

I love that she's doing this, and that she thought of it herself.

She's picking up trash and pulling weeds.  And she's HAPPY to do it!

Now, the real trick, is getting her to do those things AT HOME agreeably and with a smile on her face!



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  1. That is so exciting! My son has his first full time summer job working at a county park, but my daughter seems satisfied with sticking with babysitting. She isn't ready to be full time during the summer (and neither am I!)