Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day of School (and Work)

I feel like a kid!

Today was the last day of school for my daughter.  And for me!

I work at a junior high as an in-school tutor.  I help kids with everything from essays to science tests.  But mostly I tutor Algebra.  I'll be going back in the fall, but for now I HAVE SUMMER OFF!

I'll be working some at my favorite local bookstore, but mostly I have the rare opportunity to CREATE whatever I want for the next three months.

It's liberating, strange, and wonderful!

On that note, I give you my Friday Bliss List.  These are the things that make me very happy (and blissful) today.  If you want to join in the Bliss List, go to Liv Lane's blog and link up.


1. It's a strange and exciting feeling to have summer off.  I feel like I'm cheating somehow.  But it also feels awesome.

2. I said goodbye to my tutor kids today.  It was bitter-sweet.  I'll miss my 8th graders as they move on to high school.  But I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know them so well this year.

3. I love the colors is my manicured neglected garden.  Despite the fact that my garden is mostly left to its own devices, it grows and blooms and makes me happy!

Bleeding Heart

4. Playing the fiddle.  Or rather, learning to play the fiddle.  My neighbor plays the fiddle in an Irish band.  A couple years ago I bought her old fiddle and took a class.  I can play one song:  Boil 'Em Cabbage Down.  I'd like to play more.  So, I'm planning on taking more classes this summer.

5. The Hatfields and McCoys.  My daughter and I bond over historical people, places, and stories - especially (for her) where "Bad Boys of History" are concerned.  She's gone through the following obsessions:  Jesse James, Al Capone, The Outsiders (Greasers), Pirates, and now Hatfields and McCoys.  And I love it!

Happy June!


  1. Love this idea, and your list! Bliss, indeed!

  2. First, thanks for visiting my blog and saying "hi". Yes, it's malmost midwinter here in New Zealand :). I have friends (now kiwis)from Minnesota, so I have a wee idea of the weather patterns there - how wonderful to be in summer. I love summer! And to have 3 months off - fantastic! Enjoy!

  3. Did you watch Hatfields and McCoys on History channel? I've taped it but haven't watched it yet. And such a coincidence you talk about the Outsiders - I am totally using that movie as a springboard for a post of mine on monday!

  4. #5 is on our DVR, waiting for a time when the whole family can sit down and watch. I'm hoping that time will be today!

  5. Great list! How wonderful to enjoy three months "off" - savor it every day :) I have to check out Hattfield & McCoys - sounds like I'd fit in to your family - I love anything history like that. Enjoy your weekend! :) xo