Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tribute to Dad

For Father's Day, I wanted to share some things about my dad.

Lake Superior 2011

I grew up hearing my father play the piano.

Every night after he got home from work, Dad would sit down and play the piano.  It was his way of unwinding after a long day.  He still plays every day.  One of his favorite composers is Rachmaninoff.  He visits the nursing home sometimes to play for the residents.  They love to sing along to Bicycle Built for Two.

My father is brilliant at math. 

Because he's an actuary, I know odd facts like:  If you have life insurance that is over 10 times your annual income, you are more likely to die.  (Perhaps due to a greedy beneficiary!)  Also, married people live longer.  (Just make sure not to have too much life insurance.)

My father grew up in Duluth, Minnesota.

My parents met in Duluth and now live by Lake Superior.  Because of him, I love the North Shore and know how to skip a rock and put a worm on a fish hook.

My dad is allergic to milk (and a lot of other foods.)

I grew up watching my dad eat Corn Flakes with water instead of milk.  I've tasted it.  It's not nice.

From time to time, he would sneak vanilla ice cream with honey on top.  That does taste nice.

Top 5 Dad Quotes:

1.  "Your mental and physical health are more important than perfect grades."

2. "Your birthmother must have been very beautiful and smart, because you are very beautiful and smart."

3. "You can be anything you want to be."

4. "I am proud of you."

5. "I love you."

Thank you Dad, from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Sounds like you are lucky to have a wonderful dad. I love his quotes, so positive. I also bet it was fun to listen to his piano playing. The fact that he entertains at the nursing home speaks volumes about him. Also, thanks for sharing his interesting actuarial facts.

    1. Thanks for your comments! My dad is a great guy and funny too. He told me yesterday that he wears a bow tie when he plays for the prom. I asked, "You play for the high school prom?" He said, "No, the nursing home prom!" Who knew?

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  3. Glad I finally found your contact information. Love getting to know you through your writing. Love what you said about your dad! Love that we are family! :)

    1. Barbara, I'm so glad we've been getting to know each other more, too! I really liked visiting at the anniversary party. I'm looking forward to seeing each other up north soon!! Take care!