Saturday, June 2, 2012

St. Anthony Park Arts Festival

The first Saturday of June each year is the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival - which is today!

Every year we go to:

- See art,
(My favorites tend to be usable pottery, wooden bowls, mixed-media, and woodblock prints.)

- Socialize with friends,
(Everyone's out for the fun.  Except when it rains, which is every other year.)

- Eat yummy food,
(Usually gyros, kettle corn, and homemade ice cream.)

- Buy something(s),
(This year I bought several handmade cards and some glass pieces.)

- Enjoy the beginning of Summer!

I brought my camera along and have been trying out my photo editing (and arranging) skills using PicMonkey.  I like PicMonkey because it's easy and free!

I call this one the "My Daughter is Fascinated with Pirates" collage.

Pirate henna tattoo & stuffed yellow penguin,
my husband and daughter, pirate tattoo close-up

My daughter has always been enamored with the "bad boys"of history.  I wrote about it (on my former Bookshop Gal blog) when she was 12 years old:  Bad Boy Obsession?.  Her obsession appears to be continuing, this time with pirates.  At least it's still contained to the bad boys of history vs. her high school.

This photo collage is called "Around the Fair."

The library, art booths,
food truck with awesome curried chicken.

Last, but not least, I snapped a photo of our friendly neighborhood grocery store which was decked out in flowers for sale.

I just have to say, Speedy Rocks!

I enhance this photo on PicMonkey.  I think I'm getting the hang of it.  I just need to take the picture horizontally next time.

I hope your June 2 is sunny, warm and wonderful.

Here's to summer!


  1. So fun! And right in your own back yard. Your pics perfectly capture the day.

    Does your daughter's obsession with pirates have anything to do with Mr. Depp? I know mine would....

  2. She does like Johnny Depp's Captain Jack, but recently she's really liked the Pirate exhibit down at the Science Museum. I recommend it!