Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why Geek Dads Are Great For Girls

I admit it, my husband is a geek.

He's smart.  He's a computer expert.
He loves legos, Star Trek, ham radio, and Dr. Who.

And he's an AWESOME dad for our daughter!

In fact, I would argue that Geek Dads are among the best dads for girls.

Here's why:

Why Geek Dads are Great for Girls

1. Geek Dads tend to be well-educated.  They will encourage higher education for their daughters.

2.  Geek Dads will introduce their girls to Geek Dad things like Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings.  This will enable girls to "hold their own" when Geek Boys start discussing these important subjects.

(Our daughter examines the cat with her Sonic Screwdriver.)

3. Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars are very "sciency."  During the teen years, many girls shy away from math and science, which is a crying shame.  Geek Dads will help ensure their girls LOVE science (or at least appreciate it.)

(She determines that the cat is, in fact, an alien.)

4.  Girls raised by Geek Dads will understand references to "The Dude Abides", Napoleon Dynamite, the Tardis, and various cartoons (including Sponge Bob, Adventure Time, and Invader ZIM.)

5.  Geek Dads will raise their girls to appreciate brains, as well as, brawn.   They will know that it's possible to have both in one cute, geeky package.

P.S.  And as a balancer, there's always Mom to teach her daughters to appreciate Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, and that girls make kick-butt Pirates!


  1. Oh, love this and it's so, so very true!

    (I didn't know anything about Star Wars when I met my husband, and he was shocked! My girls? Have already watched and already love it! :))

    1. That's what I'm taking about! Awesome!

  2. Oh that is SO TRUE!!! Your daughter is a perfect mix of the both of you.