Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My "Tuties"

I've posted before about how I'm an Algebra Tutor at a junior high school.

When I'm talking about the kids I tutor, I call them my "Tuties."  My daughter thinks this is silly.  But what else should I call them?

Here are two of my Tuties from 5th hour.

Let's call them D and S.

Lately, I've been tutoring D (in red) every day.

We get along great!  It's lots of fun.

Yesterday, the head of the tutor program said, "You two always seem to be arguing!"

We laughed.

I guess we do argue.

But in a good natured way, as in:

Me:  Yes, you have to do that problem!"
D:  "But, I don't want to."


Me:  "Oops, I'm wrong again."
D:  "See, I told you so."


Me:  "Let's do this worksheet first."
D:  "No, let's do this one."

5th hour always goes quickly.  And we've been getting a lot done.  There's only two weeks of school left.  Yikes!

I'm feeling a little stressed.  Several of my Tuties have to re-take tests, plus keep up with their current assignments.  I wish there were a few days to just "catch up" before the end of the year.  But there aren't.

So, for the next two weeks, I'll do my best to help my Tuties do their best!

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