Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Bliss List

Looking back over the past week, I'm choosing 5 things that make me happy.  This is my Bliss List.

I'm linking up with Liv over at her Choosing Beauty Blog.  Check it out if you want to do a Bliss List too.

My Bliss List

1. I'm happy for a three day weekend and the fact that we're not going anywhere.  I'm relaxing at home with my family.

2. Before all the rain hit this week, my Oriental Poppies were amazing!  I love how their petals look like red-orange paper.  Beautiful!

3. I'm thrilled to be taking the Build A Blog You Truly Love e-course.  I believe it will help me make my blog better and more focused.  I look forward to sharing my discoveries with all of you.

4. There are only two weeks of school left!  Since I work at the same school that my daughter attends, we're both done soon.  I'm not tutoring students over the summer, so I'm excited to plan "adventures" with my daughter!  She goes to high school in the fall, so I really want to share a great summer together.

5. Sandals!  I love, love wearing sandals and flip flops.  It means the weather is warm, sunny and awesome.  I know in my heart that I will someday live in a place where I can wear flip flops all year round.  For now, I'll be wearing them till next fall.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Dara! Lovely blog and lovely post :) All of your thoughts are bringing me bliss too - poppies and flip flops, what's not to love? Glad you're enjoying Liv's awesome ecourse, glad you stopped by my site so we can connect - love what you're doing! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. Flip flops and summer .. wooohooo! Gorgeous poppies. Love online courses. Here's to more 3 day weekends! :D :D Wishing you a bliss filled week!