Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do You Want To Write Children's Books?

"I have a great idea for a children's book!"

"I've already written a children's book, but am unsure what to do next."

"I'd like to write for kids, but don't know where to start!"

Do any of these quotes describe you?

If yes, here are some helpful tips to get you on your way!

1. Take a class.
- A local college or community education office may offer classes on writing for children.  Also, there are more and more online writing classes available.  Take one!  It will make all the difference.

- If you are in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, I'd like to invite you to a one-day workshop I'm offering through the Loft Literary Center.

with Dara Dokas
Saturday, July 21
1:00 - 5:00 pm

$62.00 Regular Price
$55.80 Member Price
$43.40 Low Income Price

Minneapolis, MN

Class Description:

Come to this information-packed session on the "nuts and bolts" of writing for children. Geared for beginning children's literature writers, this class will focus on the process and business of writing for children. You will be provided with tools you need to improve your chances of succeeding in children's writing today. From how editors (and booksellers) look at different children's book categories to how you write a query letter, you will receive information and resources the teaching artist has learned (often the hard way). This is a session the teaching artist wishes she'd attended when she was starting out! Come prepared to take notes, ask all those burning questions, and laugh along the way!

The workshop will be very informative, interactive and fun.  Plus, there will be giveaways at the end!

NOTE:  If you're interested but don't live in the area, don't worry, I will be offering an extended, ONLINE version this winter.  Watch for more information on my blog.

2. Sign up for SCBWI.
- The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is the go-to organization for aspiring and published children's writers and illustrators.

- Through local and national conferences, as well as, newsletters and online resources, you can connect with editors, agents, and other children's writers.  I highly recommend checking it out!

3. Write!
- So many people say they have an idea for a book, but never put pen to paper.  It won't happen unless you actually sit down and write!  Don't worry about being perfect. No one is perfect.  Think of your writing as experimentation, getting your ideas down, a first draft.   Later, you revise and polish.  The only way to begin, is to begin.  Go now and start writing!

4. Join (or Form) a Writer's Group
- Writing alone, in your tower, only gets you so far.  Writers need feedback and critique.  A class led by a professional teacher is a great way to get helpful feedback on your writing.  Another, longer-term way to receive needed feedback is to get involved in a writer's group.  You can give each other focused critique and help one another keep the motivation and momentum going!

These ideas will help you start (or continue) down the path of writing for children.

And if you're in the Twin Cities, I'd love to see you in my class!

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