Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hibiscus Love

Today is WORDLESS (WORDFUL) WEDNESDAY and I'm celebrating my awesome, out-of-control garden.

The hibiscus plant bloomed!

Despite every attempt on my part to basically ignore it, the hibiscus grew and bloomed!

Can I please say how much I love perennials.  And the hibiscus in particular.

What other plant has such ENORMOUS flowers?

They are literally the size of dinner plants.

The are OUTRAGEOUS!  Which is why I love them.

And beyond all sense of reason, they grow in my Minnesota garden.

These are TROPICAL plants, my friends.

They make me happy, because I get a little bit of the tropics right in my own backyard.


Plus, check out this incredible Daylily and Daisy!

The daylily and daisy get ignored sometimes, especially when they're near more glamorous plants.

But, I love these flowers too.

The daylily has amazing color combinations.

And the daisy is about as simple, and beautiful, as you can get.

Today is my Declaration of Garden Flower Love Day!

I hope you're enjoying your gardens as well!

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