Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hatfields and McCoys (aka. My Daughter's New Obsession)

I love how focused my teenage daughter can be.

When she's into something, she's really into it.

Her latest obsession is with the Hatfields and McCoys.

Hatfield clan April 1897 (photo credit )

The Hatfields and McCoys were two families in West Virginia and Kentucky who were constantly feuding with each other from about 1860 to 1890.

Basically, they were famous for killing each other.

Recently, the History Channel aired a excellent mini-series on the Hatfields and McCoys.  Juliana has watched it four times already.

History Channel mini-series (photo credit)

It's right up her alley.

You may already know that she has a "Bad Boys of History" obsession, which has included Jesse James, Al Capone, and a slew of pirates.

Now it's feuding mountain folk.

In addition to watching the mini-series several times, Juliana has read The Coffin Quilt, by Ann Rinaldi.  It's a fictional account of the Hatfields and McCoys for middle grade readers.

She has also read a recently published adult nonfiction book called Blood Feud, by Lisa Alther.  Alther was born in an Appalachian town and her father's family is related by marriage to the McCoys.

Juliana says: "Blood Feud is nonfiction, but it's written like a novel.  It also has lots of pictures.  Something interesting I learned is that Devil Anse Hatfield was in three units simultaneously during the Civil War.  The McCoys had 17 kids and the Hatfields had 13."

Juliana's favorite Hatfield is Cap, second oldest of Anse's sons.

Cap Hatfield in History Channel mini-series

Can you tell why?

1. He's cute.
2. He's got that eye thingy goin' on.
3. He's the best sharp-shooter of them all.

Juliana's favorite McCoy is Roseanna, star-crossed lover of Johnse Hatfield.

Roseanna in History Channel mini-series

Why?  Because she's the most sane one of them all.

Now Juliana wants to plan a trip to West Virginia and Kentucky - the Tug Fork region - for a vacation. With the popularity of the Hatfields and McCoys mini-series, who knows what we'd find.  Hopefully not anything cheesy like fake shootouts and plastic figurines.

But, we'd both love a glimpse into what life was like in the Appalachian mountains in the late 1880's.  That would be an amazing trip indeed.


  1. That would be a really cool trip!! Or, you could go to Romania, where they filmed the whole thing...

    I wish I could get Charlie into something that doesn't involve his computer. I took him to a bookstore and told him he could pick out any book and I would buy it for him, interestingly enough he chose "Catch 22". I don't think he has cracked it open yet-I may need to set up some mandatory reading time!

  2. I think it's amazing that they filmed the whole thing in Romania! I bet there was more open space without buildings to film the mountain scenes. Plus, I imagine it was less expensive.

    I have never read "Catch 22". I've always thought it was a pretty difficult read. What else might he be interested in? Also, though my daughter likes to read, she spends WAY more time watching TV. Oh well, I guess it's summer:)