Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kick Butt Mom

I like to think of myself as a Kick Butt Mom. What I mean is that I feel very passionate about kids and their wellbeing, and could seriously Kick Butt if needed to keep kids safe.

For anyone who's read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, you know the character Lisbeth Salander is a serious butt-kicker. While I am definitely more well-adjusted, and less punk, than Lisbeth, I can channel my Inner-Lisbeth when necessary.

(Lisbeth Salander from movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.)

A few years ago there was a guy driving around our neighborhood flashing young girls. He would stop and ask for directions. Then, when the girl would come closer to help him out, he would flash her. Not nice.

This happened to two girls I know. They both did the right thing - they ran as fast as they could to safety and told an adult.

After the second incident, I was at a cross-walk with a group of older elementary kids. I said, "I wish that guy would try something while I was around."

A boy asked in astonishment, "Why would you want that?"

"Because I would kick his butt." (I might have said ass, but I'm not admitting to swearing in front of a 5th grader.)

"In fact," I continued. "The best punishment for a guy like that would be to lock him in a room full of angry moms!"

I'm not sure the kids fully understood what I was saying, but they got the message. Moms can kick butt, especially when their kids (and other people's kids) are threatened.

Luckily for the flasher guy, he was caught by police before the Mom Squad took over. I imagine he'll be safer in prison this way.

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  1. For a minute I thought you were going to tell me that you went as her for Halloween! That would be a great costume.

    Love the idea of a Mom Squad, talk about super heros!