Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Garden Gnome Blues

I took some pictures in the garden this week. Oh, my poor, poor garden. Tended so well in the spring, neglected by mid-summer, and totally abandoned by fall.

Here's a little garden gnome that's seen it all.

He seems to be saying to me, "Come closer, My Dear. I have something to tell you."

Then as soon as I lean in to hear his whisper, he'll hit me on the head with his stick and say, "That's for neglecting my garden!"

At least one flower is still hanging on.

The very last geranium!

Maybe I should stick to pumpkins.

Our Halloween pumpkin never got carved, but at least it looks good on the porch!

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  1. Our pumpkins didn't get carved either. Great shots.