Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Talk about "The Talk"

At some point as parents, we have to have "The Talk" with our kids. You know what I'm referring to - the talk about SEX.

Yes, I know, our babies are way too young. We don't want to think about "The Talk" for years and years (and even more years, hopefully!) And yet, we know time moves so quickly and all of a sudden our babies are growing up!

When Juliana was in 5th grade, I took her out to lunch at the mall. I wanted to have Phase 1 of "The Talk" in a public place so she couldn't:

a.) Scream at me for embarrassing her,
b.) Shriek at the horror of what I was about to tell her, or
c.) Run away.

I was all set to launch into a lecture on STDs and birth control, when suddenly it dawned on me that I should probably do a check-in with her first. I was pretty sure she knew about eggs and sperm as a scientific concept. But I wasn't sure how much other information she might have gotten from her friends. So this is how our conversation went:

"It takes an egg and sperm to make a baby."


"So, do you know how the sperm and egg get together in humans?"



Yes, folks, that's what she said - kissing. I was SOOO glad I did a check-in first before launching into far more advanced information. I tried not to laugh. That would have been mean.

"No. Kissing is fine. People can't make babies from just kissing."

Then I explained about the boy parts and girl parts coming together. She said:

"EWWWWW! That's gross!"

I did laugh this time. I couldn't help myself, I just couldn't.

I said, "That's a completely appropriate response." Then I added, "But, you won't always feel that way!"

Phase 1 of "The Talk" was complete. Basic information was conveyed. Check.

Now, years later, she is almost 14 years old and thinking about which High School to attend.

We are now onto Phase 3 or 4 of "The Talk." This time around, I have a little help from my public school teacher friends in Health Class 101. Juliana tells me that tomorrow someone is coming in to talk about Birth Control. Excellent!

So far, I'm pleased with how Health Class has handled important topics such as physical health, drugs, and sex ed.

My only disappointment with Health Class is that they no longer show the LIVE BIRTH VIDEO! Apparently in the past, some students had to leave the room for fear of vomiting. If that's not a lesson in Birth Control, I don't know what is.


  1. This is great, Dara! My friend has six kids, and she and her husband do a father-son or mother-daughter weekend together to have "The Talk" when each child turns 10. She just did her first one, and said it was great! She used a Christian-based book as a guideline for topics, but of course it went wherever it needed to. I know it's going to sneak up on me!

  2. That is the perfect lesson in birth control, I can't believe they don't show it any longer. We have almost completed our phases of The Talk with my oldest and luckily I have a few years before I have to do it again and again and again.