Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nephews are Nice

Today is Wordless Wednesday where a picture speaks for itself. Except, I'm actually doing "Wordfull Wednesday" because I can't not talk about my nephews.

I adore my three nephews! I don't have any sons, so it's especially fun having nephews.

I love buying things for them, especially clothes. My sister-in-law calls me "Gap Auntie" because I like shopping at Gap Kids for them.

This year, I bought them all matching, blue button-down shirts. I can't wait to see them all dressed alike!

These photos were taken at my middle nephew's birthday party. He's smart and very crafty. I bought him a jean jacket. I mean, what cute, independent, slightly wild, 4-year-old boy doesn't need a cool jean jacket?

My daughter said, "Now he can look like a Greaser from The Outsiders." Excellent!

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