Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas List Roundup

Here's some representative items from the Christmas lists of each person in our household:

- Button down shirts, plain color, twill, not dressy
- Fingerless gloves
- Lock-pick set

* My poor husband needs warm socks and fingerless gloves because his home office is freezing. And what's with the lock-pick set? Does he want to become a criminal in his spare time?

Daughter, age 13
- Hoodie sweatshirt that says, "Zombies were human too."
- Wall charger for i-pod.
- Speakers for i-pod.
- i-tunes gift cards
- One pound chocolate bar

* Music, and apparently zombies, are a theme on my daughter's Christmas list. And why the one pound chocolate bar? Is chocolate more delicious in one big bar vs. several small bars?

- Cozy, fleece throw blanket
- Fleece jacket from Wintergreen
- Warm cardigan sweaters
- Ice cleats that strap onto boots

* As you can see I HATE being cold, thus all the fleece and sweaters. I also hate ice. Two winters ago, I slipped and broke my tailbone. I want those spiky ice cleats so I never fall again . . . hopefully.

- And jewels.

* My husband still owes me something sparkly for the time I got in a car accident and he asked about the car before asking about me. Show me the bling, Honey!


  1. I would worry about that lock-pick set. Especially because he wants someone to buy it *for* him.

  2. Love the lists! My son only wanted money for xmas, it was tough to creatively wrap bills and make it exciting...I got the ice cleats a couple of years ago, they are WONDERFUL, just remember to take them off when you get in the house (speaking from experience).