Thursday, December 1, 2011

Junior High Fashion Week - Day 4

It's Day 4 of Junior High Fashion Week and it snowed this morning in Minnesota. Does that mean putting on a sweater? No! Juliana still wears short-sleeves. Brrr.

Thursday's Fashion: "It's almost Friday. Time to be creative!"

This shirt was creatively altered by my daughter. It was a "boy cut" t-shirt, meaning too big and baggy. So, she cut the sides of the shirt and tied them back together, for a more fitted, fun fashion.

Here's the side view.

Shirt - From church ("improved" by Juliana)
Cami - Target
Jeans - Hollister
Converse shoes - Lady Footlocker

I love how she'll wear her "cool" Hollister jeans (which were purchased on sale, by the way) with a t-shirt from our church with the name of the Vacation Bible School band, "The Dead Sea Squirrels." (It's like the Dead Sea Scrolls, but it's Squirrels. Get it? Get it?)

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