Friday, December 2, 2011

Junior High Fashion Week - Day 5

It's Friday and the last day of Junior High Fashion Week!

I want to make a note about all these clothes, that have to be paid for somehow. Since I have only one child, and I like clothes, I tend to buy her a fair amount of clothing. But, she also gets an allowance and is expected to help pay for certain things.

Next week, I'll be highlighting different approaches to allowance. Stop by and add your "two cents."

Friday's Fashion: "Ahh, it's almost the weekend. Time for yoga pants and slippers."

T-shirt - Hollister
Cami - Aeropostale
Yoga pants - Pink
Slippers - Target

Here's the back view.

Last night we went to a high school information night. How did this happen?! How is my baby ready to look at high schools? Next year, I'll be doing a High School Fashion Week. But that's a long, long time from now. Right?


  1. This is my kind of day! Dara, your daughter is lovely (just like her Mom)!

  2. We think it's a long time, but we will blink and they will be heading off to ninth grade. I'M NOT READY!!! But I know Charlie can hardly wait.

  3. Thanks Nina! And I agree that sweats and slippers sound delightful.