Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dress Like It's 1955

Recently, my family and I were at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. It's a huge mall with over 400 stores.

On this visit, I found a very unique clothing store - Bettie Page.

Mainly they sell 1950's inspired dresses. Some are very girly, some sexy, and some quite elegant. But all very 1950's. These dresses beg to be worn with high heel shoes and a crinoline.

I fell in love with one dress in particular. The Jazmin Black Flare.

The front is plain black with a small black belt.

The back looks like this:

(I wonder if the Giant Schnauzer comes with the dress.)

My daughter, who is 14, liked this one. The Side Effect Polka Dots.

We tried on the dresses and imagined ourselves dressed up for a very fine dinner and evening at the Guthrie Theater.

In the end, I didn't buy the dress.

But, it's on my "wish list."

With my birthday coming up, maybe I'll tap into the elegant, girly side of myself and celebrate with a 1950'2 style evening!


  1. Wow those are great dresses, so Mad Men. I found them online too.

  2. I love that era of dresses! And the surprise back detail...lovely!

  3. I LOVE that store and always check it out. Their prices are so reasonable too. Now if I only had somewhere to wear one of those dresses...but for sure I will be getting some new spring shoes there. We are so lucky to have the MOA in our backyard!

    1. Given that it's completely snowy outside this morning, I'm even more eager for an awesome pair of spring shoes!! I forgot to even look at their shoes when I was there. I was so taken in by the dresses!