Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Choose a High School: Parent View

In the quest to choose a high school, my daughter Juliana, shadowed at potential high school. I wrote about it HERE. She will shadow at a second high school next week.

Then it's decision time.

Choice is a good thing. But it can also be difficult and confusing. So, when you have a choice of high schools for your child, what do you do?

These are the questions I ask myself:

How To Choose A High School? - Parent View

1. Does the school offer classes that are appropriate for my child?
- i.e. Challenging enough, AP/IB, world language offerings, music program, etc.

2. Is the school safe?
- What are the halls like during passing time? Is the administrative "on top" of issues that may arise?

3. Is there transportation?
- Can my child take the bus or walk? Or do I have to drive her every day?

4. What is the school's diversity like?
- Does the school reflect the racial make-up of the city in which we live? Or not?

5. What about extra-curricular activities?
- Will my child be able to participate in sports or drama?

6. Will my child be successful and thrive?
- While I'm sure Juliana will be fine at any school, the question is where would she most "fit in" and feel comfortable. Where will she be motivated to be the best student (and person) she can be? This is very subjective. It's about the "feel" of the place. It's about where her friends will go. It's a little bit about luck and what you make of any given situation.

Next week look for High School Visit #2. We'll hear from Juliana herself about her day.

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  1. We are in the midst of this as well, does Charlie stay at his charter school, which offers amazing educational opportunities and excellent college prep, but little in the way of extra-curricular, or does he go to the big neighborhood high school for the more 'typical' high school experience? One starts the day at 7 am, the other at 9 am. Guess which one I am leaning towards when I think about it in the morning????