Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writer's Workshop- Life at a Bookstore

For today's Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, I chose:

4.) A memorable day at work.

I have worked at a small, independent bookstore for almost 4 years. It's located in a great, little neighborhood and has a large variety of customers.

After four years, I've met many different people, looking for a wide variety of books.

I thought I'd probably heard it all. Then one night, I found out I was wrong.

I was working alone one evening when an elderly couple came into the store. I had never seen them before. I welcomed them and smiled at how cute they were. They looked like sweet, little grandma and grandpa types if ever I saw.

Grandpa started perusing the store as Grandma walked over to me.

"Do you have an erotica section?"

I was shocked. Did Grandma just ask me about naked people doing naked people things?

"I'm sorry," I said. "Did you say erotica section?"

"Yes, Dear," she said.

Here I was thinking they were probably looking for All Creatures Great and Small or knitting books or maybe John Grisham if they were feeling daring.

But they were looking for EROTICA!

"No. I'm sorry." I said with complete composure. "We don't have an erotica section."

"Oh, that's too bad," Grandma said in her grandmotherly voice.

She walked back to Grandpa and broke the bad news. "They don't have erotica."

"Oh well," said Grandpa.

Then Grandma took Grandpa's arm and they waved goodbye as they walked out of the store.

Well, I thought. I've seen a new one tonight.

How odd. And yet, reassuring. If 78 year olds are interested in erotica books, more power to them I say.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. THIS is hysterical! Good for them! Repulsive for us, but good for them! I am so sorry about Lucia, by the way. Is she a Wheaten?! I had a Wheaten (in Michigan, in fact!), but he was dognapped by ex-husband. I will never get over it. Hang in there. Sending your fuzzy kid good thoughts.

    1. She is a Wheaten and the best dog I've ever had. (I've only had two, but she's the best.) I'm so sorry your dog was dognapped. It's hard to part with our fuzzy kids, not matter what the situation.

  2. Oh my gracious, how hilarious! I don't know that I would have been able to maintain my composure :)

    I have a few books I could donate if your store wants to start a new section ;)

  3. I would have been surprised by their reading selection too.

  4. How funny. I probably would have been so embarrassed I would have started laughing.

  5. I love her! Even if you don't have an Erotica section, the least you could do is have some POS lube options at the cash register. Something to think about... :)