Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writer's Workshop - The Real Me

For Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop today, I chose the prompt: "Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are."

* * * * * * *

The Real Me is always the Summer Me. I'm only truly myself in the summer. Anytime it's warm and sunny, I'm happy. If I'm also with my family and by water, my true self really shines.

Here I'm "Up North" at the cabin.

And here, the photo says it all. It's summer time, I'm with my daughter, my dog and by the lake.

That's the real me.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. That's a beautiful spot to soak up some sun. :)
    I love summer too!

    hi from mk's

  2. For me it's the ocean beach, three dogs and two kids and a good book. That's the real me, preferably in the summer, but I will take the beach in any season...

    1. I love the ocean, but live quite far away from one. And dogs, kids and books are essential!

  3. The view is gorgeous. I'm a water girl and feel more myself when I'm by it.

  4. Thanks for the summer breeze! This is a good prompt, I am not even sure who the Real Me is. Going to think about that today...