Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank You Mythbusters!

Last Wednesday, we had a very exciting morning.

At 7:00 am, my daughter walked down the stairs,
looked out the window,
and said, "Uhh, there's a car on fire."

I looked out the window to see bright flames in the darkness.

"Holy Sh**! Call 911!"

My husband grabbed the phone.

I ran outside to get a better look.

My daughter started screaming, "MOM! Come inside, the car might explode!"

My husband said, "Dara, come back inside. It's not safe out there."

My daughter started to cry. "MOM! MOM!"

Then my husband said, "Wait a minute. They tested this on Mythbusters. If a car is on fire, it won't explode. The gas tank has a release valve built in. It will burn, but not go BOOM!"

Yes, Mythbusters!

I was free to go. I grabbed my camera and ran back outside.

The firetruck arrived and put out the fire.

The fire inspector arrived to check out the scene.

The police officer arrived to take pictures and arrange for a tow truck to take the wreckage of a car away.

You have to understand, I live in a very nice, very quiet neighborhood. Nothing like this ever happens. Except for that bank robbery incident a year ago, nothing dramatic happens here.

Until last week.

Apparently, the car in question was stolen, stripped of it's fancy tires and rims, dumped on my nice, little street, and torched to conceal any evidence. Definitely theft; definitely arson.

I talked with the police officer. It was her 2nd week on our "beat." I assured her that car fires were not the norm.

When the drama was all over,
and my husband and I walked back to our house,
I said:

"Now that's how I like to start my day!"

My husband gave me a funny look.

But really, a car fire is even better than coffee to get you going in the morning.

And it's all thanks to MYTHBUSTERS, who said it was A-OK to go outside and check out the scene.


  1. Our neighborhood is 'normal' too, we have had TWO cars on fire right next to our home. Neither of them were due to theft or arson, just stupid kids. But after the first one, the nice (and VERY HANDSOME) firemen told me that it wouldn't explode, just the tires could blow. So when it happened the second time I confidently watched from outside (after calling 911) to catch all the action.

    Life in the big city-never a dull moment!

    1. Life in the big city is exciting! You never know what will happen next.

      Although, I don't want TOO much excitement!

  2. I remember your husband returning to the office after leaving early "to go to the gym", saying that his street was closed because there was a bank robbery. We all looked at *him* funny and asked what was in his duffel bag.

    1. Paul says, "I know nothing." But he's been looking at Rolls Royces lately. Hmmm.