Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High School Visit #1

Yesterday, my daughter "shadowed" at a high school. She's in 8th grade and it's time to choose a high school. Most of us never had to choose. We just went to the only high school available. Where we live, there are a few to choose from, so my daughter's checking them out by "shadowing" (following) a ninth grader around for the day.

Here are some things she learned.

Shadow Day #1

1. High School #1 has around 2400 students. My daughter's junior high has 800, so it's 3x the size. (The other high school J's checking out has 4000 students. Way bigger.)

2. H.S. #1 has approximately the same racial make-up as J's junior high. (Approx. 32% White, 31% Asian/Pacific, 28% African American, 8% Hispanic, 2% American Indian.)

3. J said it felt "just like" her junior high when she was walking through the halls.

4. She recognized lots of kids.

5. The teachers were nice.

6. The orchestra is small, almost like a chamber orchestra. J liked that. She plans to play her cello in high school.

7. They have good cross country running, nordic skiing, and track teams. These are the sports J's interested in.

8. There's no football field.  H.S. #1 has to use other high schools' fields for games.

9. H.S. #1 has more than 30 Advanced Placement classes. That's the most AP classes offered in the district.

10. There's a 7 period day, which J likes. Her junior high has a 6 period day. If you take your 4 core classes, orchestra, and a language, that's your entire schedule. There's no room for electives like art, drama or mythology. Seven periods allows for that.

11. H.S. #1's early lunch time is 10:00 am! Who's hungry that early?

12. H.S #1's mascot is the Cougar. (This past fall, I blogged about the potential troubles of being a sports-supporting "Cougar Mom.")

Overall, J enjoyed her visit and liked the school. She'll shadow at another high school in early February. Then it's decision time.


  1. We are in the process too, Charlie really wants to go to Highland, it will be such a big change from the small charter school he is currently at! And he currently begins classes at 9:20, at Highland they start at 7. Brutal! I have a hard time getting him up at 8 am, can't imagine doing it at 6....

  2. It is really hard switching from 9:20 to 7:00 am! I don't envy either of you that first week. Juliana's shadowing at Central in a couple weeks. That school is GIANT! We'll see how it goes. (She's leaning toward Como.)