Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Wide-Awake Sloth

There's a cool little zoo near our house. They have a sloth. This is what she usually looks like. A ball of orange-brown fur tucked in a tree.

In all the years my daughter and I have been going to the zoo, we've never seen the sloth awake. Until one day. . .

She's awake! And eating a piece of lettuce.

Apparently she rarely leaves this tree.

Sloths aren't lazy . . . they're just very mellow!

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  1. Ha ha. Love it. cute shots.

  2. Once when we were there, one of her keepers was trying to coax her down from her perch with a piece of fruit. We watched, as it took her FOREVER to get down, it was amazing and so interesting! There are days I feel just like that sloth....

  3. I definitely feel like a sloth somedays, especially in winter.

  4. Very nice photos of an interesting creature. Some days I feel like doing that too.