Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Packing: Boys vs. Girls

This past weekend my daughter and 17 other kids went on a Confirmation Camp Retreat.

Yesterday, I posted why I don't like chaperoning teen camp trips. You can read it HERE.

Today, I'm writing about an observation I had right before they left.

Girls and Boys pack differently!

This is what my daughter had:

1. Duffle Bag
2. Sleeping Bag
3. Pillow
4. Bag of Shoes

Then, in walked a boy (whom I'll call T.)

He had:

1. Duffle Bag
2. Garbage Bag sealed with Duct Tape

And he wasn't the only boy with a garbage bag of stuff! None of the girls had a garbage bag. Why is that? And none of the boys had an entire bag just for shoes!

Sometimes this boy/girl packing difference extends into adulthood. Before my husband and I were married, my husband used to pack for weekend get-aways by putting his clothes in a PAPER BAG!

Now we have suitcases. But, he misses his paper bag. He says, "It was so much more efficient."
Just like a garbage bag with duct tape.

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