Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Olive Farmer

Today I asked my husband if he wanted to ditch his career in computer security and become an . . . OLIVE FARMER!

I mean, he is part Greek after all. They grow olives.

He said, "I don't want to be a farmer."

I was disappointed.

As I do every January and February, I started looking for homes in warm, sunny locales. I love Minnesota, but winter can be very long.

So, I found a great place in the middle of California that is a olive farm. What could be better than having acres and acres of farm land with olives growing?

Unfortunately, I know nothing about growing olives. And California is pretty far away.

But, it sure is pretty. That area reminds me of Tuscany, Italy. Rolling hills of olives and grapes.

Hey! If olives won't work out, maybe we need to grow grapes. Having a VINEYARD sounds awfully romantic and wonderful.

Maybe my husband would like to be a grape grower! We like wine.

I'll go ask him and let you know what he says . . . .

He said, "No."

Hmmm, onto Plan C - Win the Lotto and live on an olive and grape farm, but have someone else grow everything. Sounds like a plan.

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