Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I Don't Chaperone Camp Trips

My daughter just got back from a weekend Confirmation Camp trip.

She had a LOT of fun and told me all about it.

This is Why I Don't Chaperone Camp Trips!:

1. They don't sleep.
My daughter and her friends stayed up until 5:30 am, when they finally passed out from exhaustion on the bare mattresses of the top bunks.

2. They sneak outside.
In an attempt to get the phone numbers of the boys in the other cabin, so they could text them and bother them all night long, the girls snuck outside at midnight in their pajamas. They turned back when they couldn't figure out whose window was whose. They didn't want to tap on Pastor M's window.

3. They are messy.

4. They make noise.
My daughter and her friends were asked to turn down the music during their impromptu dance party and at 2:00 am when they were laughing hysterically.

5. They do mean things to their friends while they are asleep.
You should NEVER be the first one to fall asleep at camp! One poor friend actually fell asleep and this is what happened: She was lip-glossed, glittered-bombed, and surrounded by junk including a new "friend."

6. They dance on pool tables.
Enough said.

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  1. You are brave, and I think you have done your time. I bet you were just dreaming about being home instead, curled up with a good book in your quiet house!