Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Daughter is in the Wall Street Journal

Back in December, I wrote a week of blogs about my daughter's sense of fashion in Junior High Fashion Week.

Last week, I got an email from a fashion editor of the Wall Street Journal. She saw my Junior High Fashion Week blogs and was interested in interviewing my daughter for an article she was writing. So Juliana and I were interviewed by phone.

The editor, Elizabeth Holmes, loved what Juliana had to say. Apparently some of the teens Elizabeth spoke with gave "one word" answers. Not my daughter.

Juliana is featured prominently in the article talking about her "comfortable and cool" style.

Check it out!

Wall Street Journal article: WHY NOT WEAR PAJAMAS ALL DAY?


  1. Hey girl, they interviewed you too! Isn't it amazing how connections happen? And don't you love that your daughter can express herself so well?

  2. It was so fun being interviewed for the article. Juliana did such a good job. I was very proud of her!