Monday, January 9, 2012

Smells Like Home

Every home has it's own smell. It's hard to describe, but you recognize it when you walk inside. It's hard to smell your own home because you live there every day. But, walk into a someone else's house and I bet you know what I mean.

My friend's home smells subtly like Tide to me. Her home reminds me of clean.

My grandmother's home smelled like baking. Even when she wasn't actually baking, her house smelled like that to me.

Sense of smell is one of the biggest triggers of memory. You can walk by someone or into a place, and instantly a memory comes to mind. A smell, a whiff of scent, reminds you of a different time and place.

I have an excellent sense of smell. It's my best sense by far. This can be a blessing and a curse. When I was pregnant and had a heightened sense of smell, my husband called me a wolf. I could smell everything so strongly.

This weekend my daughter and her friend had a Harry Potter movie marathon at our house. They started on Friday and went till Saturday evening, watching all the Harry Potter movies in a row. It makes me exhausted thinking about it.

The next day, my daughter's friend said our house smelled "soft." I like that.

I sometimes worry that our house smells like cat box or dog breath or dust. Soft is so much better.

Do you have a memory of a home smell?

NOTE: The photo is of a room in the very cool dollhouse we received as a gift. I'll blog about the dollhouse another time.


  1. It is amazing that we can mask the smell of our own homes. I remember my crandma's apartment had the smell of cedar and face powder.

  2. My grandma's house smells very feminine - of Chanel No. 5. I can bring it up just thinking about it. I worry about the way mine smells too - but hopefully, my daughter will just grow up to think of that smell as home.