Monday, January 9, 2012

Harry Potter Marathon

This past weekend, my daughter and her friend had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. They started on Friday afternoon and went till Saturday evening watching every Harry Potter movie in a row.

They are big fans of Harry Potter.

We shook our heads, but we let them do it.

On Saturday morning, they popped in a movie and never paused once. They would quick get food to eat, or use the bathroom, then run back to the couch.

They never got out of their jammies.

The thought of watching SEVEN movies in a row makes me exhausted.

And yet, I'm a little jealous. To be so relaxed, so lazy. To hang out with your friend all day and night, to watch movies, to never get out of your pajamas. That sounds pretty great.

Maybe I should call up a friend and suggest a movie marathon.

Then again, maybe one movie with a friend is enough. That would be a real treat.


  1. Definitely call a friend and do a movie in your jammies! Tracy and I just watched The Help a couple of weeks ago (we are a little behind) or add wine to the mix and Watch Bridesmaids, or have some good snacks and watch Julie and Julia.

    I agree, I couldn't do 7 movies in a row either! But if I wanted to try it, Harry Potter would be the way to go.

  2. Kristi - I heard Bridesmaids was funny, especially with a little wine. Have you seen it? I am going to set up a movie night with a friend. It's too easy to let time slip past without doing something fun like this.

  3. I guess my (grown) daughter did this with the Walking Dead, New Years eve and day. Glad I missed it.

  4. Bridesmaids is HILARIOUS, especially with wine. I own it, and I put it in when I am having a crabby day and it always makes me laugh out loud.

    Loved your comment yesterday on Tin Tin, can't believe they used a man to model a dog!