Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cougar Moms

At the high school my daughter will attend next year, the sports teams are called The Cougars. Since my daughter runs track, I figure I'll be attending a lot of meets. A friend of mine suggested we print up shirts that say "Cougar Moms" to wear to all the sports events. Funny idea right?

I told my husband, who works in computer security, and he said, "No Way! If you type 'Cougar Moms' into the internet, you'll find all kinds of bad."

So, of course, I did.

And he was right. It's all kinds of bad.

So, now I'm thinking we should print up "Go Team!" instead for our school spirit t-shirts.

* Please notice the spelling of "track" on my daughter's team sweatpants. Miss Pitman, the coach, almost hit the roof when the printer delivered 40 pairs of sweats with TRAACK on them. Since no one messes with Miss Pitman, the entire team now has two sets of sweatpants - one spelled TRAACK and one spelled TRACK.

And there's Cheech, our little cougar.


  1. What a keepsake, those TRAACK pants!

  2. Love that the coach set a great example for those kids, don't settle for mediocrity!

    As for 'Cougar Moms', you might need more explanation, like 'Mom of a Cougar Track Star'?

    Wear your pride!