Monday, October 3, 2011

Dressing Up is Fun

Yesterday, my family went on our annual pilgrimage to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. The Minnesota "Ren Fest" is the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country and it's lots of fun. But you have to do it right.

1. Go right away in the morning when they open the gates.

2. Dress is Renaissance clothing (or as close as you can get.) This makes the experience much more fun!

3. Watch the Joust! This is your only opportunity to watch two grown men on giant horses trying to knock each other off with long wooden poles.

4. Interact with the fair workers and vendors. If you are dressed up, they will call you Milady and treat you like you're part of the fair, not just a spectator.

5. Go home before dinner. Things get decidedly more "adult" in the evening.

6. Thank the fair workers and vendors. Be thankful you don't have to travel around the country dressed in a corset to earn your income.

(The above photo is of me and my daughter a couple years ago at the fair.)

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