Friday, September 30, 2011

10 Things I Would Do If I Didn't Have To Work

I recently discovered MAMA KAT'S Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop online. She gives a choice of writing prompts, you choose one, write about it, post it on your blog and back at her website. Here's my first attempt.

My prompt: "10 Things I Would Do If I Didn't Have To Work"
(And because I don't always follow the rules, I'm adding "And Have Tons of Money."

1. Start a Foundation so I can give away money to people and organizations I love.

2. Watch re-runs of The Closer, Law & Order, and Bones.

3. Actually take my Shih tzu to obedience classes.

4. Go Up North to Lake Superior on a regular basis. (See photo above.)

5. Tutor kids at my daughter's junior high school.

6. Homeschool (or better yet, hire a tutor for) my daughter during the months of January, February & March every year in a warm, tropical location like the Bahamas or Bermuda.

7. Spend a year in England, Australia, or Italy.

8. Finish the quilt I started three years ago. (Maybe.)

9. Go bike riding or to the gym more often. (Maybe.)

10. Audition for a play or musical.

If you want to participate in the Writer's Workshop, here's the link:

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Oooo I'd take my dog to obedience school too! :)

  2. I really like #6. Last winter was BRUTAL. I'm not looking forward to this winter.

  3. I agree. Last winter was brutal. I like winter, but not 7 months of it!

  4. I'll help with your quilt and please come to the gym with me

  5. I can relate to #8. I have a afghan I've been "working on" since college. I think it might need to be a scarf...

  6. Hmmm, I think I could probably add most of these to my own list of 10. That's a beautiful photo. Did you take it?

  7. I did take it on a digital camera, but I don't always know what I'm doing either. I got lucky this time. It's a picture of the Lake Superior shoreline taken from Grand Marais, Minnesota.

  8. those are pretty cool things to do. I want to check out law and order and the closer.