Monday, September 12, 2011

So Embarrassed!

Last Friday night was the "Back to School" Dance for 6th-8th graders in our neighborhood. It's held every year at the park recreation center. This year my daughter and her friends were the big kids at the dance, such a sweet position to be in.

They danced - basically jumping up and down - and ran around inside the rec center from two hours. The dance was scheduled to end at 8:30 pm but I was done working at 8:00 so my husband and I drove over to pick her up.

We arrived at 8:15 pm and were told by my daughter that she had 15 more minutes and wanted to stay. Plus, could we please wait outside? I, of course, did not wait outside. Instead I started to dance. To my credit, I was not dancing on the actual dance floor but in the hallway. Still, I was spotted by my daughter's friend. Oops.

Suddenly my daughter reappeared.
J - "I'm ready to go."
Me - "What about waiting till 8:30 pm?"
J - "Nope, I want to go now."
Me - "But this song is good."
J - "No. Let's go!"

Apparently, me dancing to Britney Spears was the instant motivator for my daughter to leave the dance that she so adamantly wanted to stay at minutes before.

Note to parents: If you need to get your child moving quicker, Just Dance!

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