Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Clothes

Back in the day, when I was a middle-school kid, I wanted all the brand name clothes: Calvin Klein jeans, I-zod shirts, Pappagallo bag, and giant Lip Smackers to make my lips shiny and scented (preferably strawberry.)

Unfortunately, my mother thought Tough Skins jeans (from Sears) were perfectly appropriate attire, especially for my brother who wore them throughout his school career. I did not agree. I wanted the "good stuff." But mom would not pay for the brand name items. But she did agree to pay the equivalent of a regularly-priced item.

So I started babysitting. Not out of a love of babies, but out of a love for brand name clothes. Unfortunately, I didn't babysit very often so my money supply was lacking.

I got some name brands, but the sad, step-cousin versions. I couldn't afford the actual Calvin Klein jeans, but I did buy the odd, Calvin Klein tan khaki pants. I think I got an orange I-zod shirt on sale and saved forever for a blue wool Pappagallo bag, not the whale design that I wanted. The saddest thing of all was my sale-priced Maple Nut scented Lip Smacker. It just wasn't the same as strawberry.

So, do I buy my daughter all the "good stuff?" Yes and no. I won't buy Hollister jeans at full price but I did buy her a pair on sale, plus a couple cute shirts. But as far as lip smackers? She can have any flavor she wants.

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