Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pets are Family

The other day I announced that we had crossed our pet limit; that we had somehow taken in "one pet too many." But which pet? That's like saying, "which kid was the one too many?" You can't. Pets are family.

Pets are awesome, fuzzy, loving, lovable additions to the family. They can also be demanding, barfing, pooping machines that require more work than a broken down Model-T.

We tolerate their bad breath and putrid farts. We feed them God-knows-what. We let them out 7,000 times a day! And we clean the nasty cat box.

But, in return, we get love (from the dogs) like no other. Who else runs to the door and jumps up and down every time you come home. Even if you left just minutes before, your return is met with enthusiasm and, "Oh boy, oh boy, am I happy to see you!"

As for the cat, no such greeting at the door. But he's a warm, fuzzy, purring lap warmer. And it gets cold here in winter. So, he's a keeper too. As for the rabbit. Well, he's just so darn cute and soft!

We tried to include them in our family Christmas photos last year. But, alas, this was the best one. It's not so easy to wrangle three people AND three animals at the exact same time. Plus, where's the rabbit? We'll have to try again this year.

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