Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Extraordinaire

Halloween is just a week away. Costumes are being prepared, candy purchased, and pumpkins are being carved. At my house, a carved pumpkin consists of three triangles for eyes and nose, and if we're lucky, a mouth with one or two teeth.

Not so for my friend, and children's author/illustrator, David LaRochelle. He is a Professional Pumpkin Carver! No lie, his pumpkin carving is seriously amazing, as you can see. He's even been interviewed on national television about his pumpkins.

Here's an awesome alien pumpkin carved by David:

During October, David carves amazing pumpkins. The rest of the year, David writes and illustrates children's books, including one of my all-time favorite kid's books, THE BEST PET OF ALL. Actress Reese Witherspoon agrees, because she chose THE BEST PET OF ALL to read out loud at The White House, during the 2010 Easter Egg Roll event. You can watch a video of Reese reading David's book on his website.

To see more amazing pumpkins carved by David, check out his website HERE.

Maybe his pumpkin carving will give yours (and mine) a little inspiration this Halloween!

(Both pumpkins shown were carved by David LaRochelle.)

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