Thursday, April 26, 2012

High School Registration Night


Breathe deep.

Tonight is the 2012 Freshman Registration Night for my daughter.

I'm really excited!

- It will be fun to see which classes she'll be in and meet the teachers.

- I can begin imaging her walking those halls.

- Where will her locker be?  Who will be her homeroom teacher?

- How many kids will she know tonight?  I bet a lot.


I'm sad.

- My daughter - My One and Only - is starting high school in the fall.  Registration Night confirms that this is indeed a fact.  It's actually going to happen.

- Last night while watching GLEE, I cried when Kurt's dad said how much he'll miss Kurt after graduation.

Then I said:

"Next year is the beginning of THE END!"

Juliana looked at me mortified and confused.  And maybe a little sad.  Oops.

I tried to backpedal.  "No, no.  I shouldn't have said that.  There are four more years.  Think about four years ago, you were in 4th grade.  That was a long time ago."

Juliana answered, "It doesn't feel long ago to me."

Oh boy.

So, now I'm trying to keep my sad dramatic moments to myself.

Instead, I'm focusing on the "I'm excited" part of this whole thing.

And I am excited.

I want to jump right in there tonight and say, "Hi" to everyone and chat and smile and make new friends!

But, I'll try to keep my happy dramatic moments to myself too (at least a little bit.)

It's Juliana's Freshman Registration Night.  Not mine.  It's her time to take the lead and shine.

And I'll be right there with her.  Following along.

Trying not to skip.  Or cry.


  1. My son just finished signing up for his senior year classes and when I heard him whooping, I asked if he got a good class. He exclaimed, "Yes, college writing!" I know college is coming, but I'm not any closer to being ready for that then I was his first day of preschool! Hope your daughter gets a great schedule!

    1. Oh my gosh, I can't even think about "college writing" yet! I'm glad he's excited. That's a good sign that he's ready, even if we moms aren't. Last night went well. My daughter had fun and saw lots of friends! I guess we're on our way!

  2. It is so hard to gather all of our emotions on raising our only children! Glad it went well, we can walk these next four years together.

    1. Agreed! Let's walk these years together.

      Did your son decide on Highland?