Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Get Coffee . . . at the Bank

My favorite place to get coffee and a cookie is at . . .

the BANK!

Yes, our awesome neighborhood bank - Park Midway Bank - has a little coffee counter called Park Perks.

Lisa, the beautiful barista (and bank go-to gal) knows exactly what I want.

A small, skim latte and a chocolate chip cookie.

Lisa also makes the cookies.  And they are yummy.  Usually they're still hot.

And guess what?  It only costs $2.00 for a latte and a cookie!

Even better - all the money goes to a non-profit group or charity (like the school band or local food shelf.)

Sadly, I've been having some stomach problems lately and I suspect it's due to an over-abundance of caffeine.  So, I'm trying to cut way down.

When I went into the bank the other day, Lisa helped me out.

She put only one shot of espresso (instead of two) into my latte.

The way I reason it, that's less caffeine and no sugar in the latte.  So there's room for a cookie!

Did I mention the cookies?

So, if you're in the neighborhood, and want a pick-me-up, stop by the bank.

You can get some coffee, a cookie, and they always have the right change.

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  1. Neat! I love how the money goes to charity, plus I love coffee and cookies. It would be a win-win for me!