Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back In The Day

Back in the day, my brother and I never wore seat belts in the car. We rolled around the backseat arguing about who was on who's side or crossing "no-man's land" in the middle.

On one nighttime road trip, my dad rigged up a bunk bed across the backseat of his sedan. One kid lay on the seats and the other on the make-shift bunk suspended at the level of the back window.

Another time, my father had a huge Chevy station wagon with a trundle type seat in the way back. You could fit two kids comfortably back there, just inches from the rear window. My brother and I would sit back there and wave at truckers. Little did we know we were one rear-ending away from being squashed.

Back in the day, safety was more a matter of chance than prevention.


  1. In my mom's Satellite, I would stand on the "hump" in front of the bench seat, with my hands on the dashboard, watching the road disappear under us.

    I'm happy my son is safely strapped in the back seat when we drive!

  2. Crazy! I'm glad we've "seen the light" in terms of car safety.