Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to Planet Parenting

Hello fellow parents! Planet Parenting is for everyone trying to raise happy, healthy and creative kids while remaining relatively happy, healthy and creative themselves.

I'm Dara Dokas and I've been a parent for 13 1/2 years (and counting). I'm a children's book writer, bookseller, and children's book buyer for a great, independent bookstore. I've also been an English and drama teacher, museum interpreter, television office coordinator, theater grant writer, waitress, data-entry clerk, and factory filter-maker.

I love organization and own just about every book there is on organizing your home, office, family, and/or personal life. Still it alludes me. But, in the name of organization, I've structured Planet Parenting to, hopefully, maximize its fun, creativity and usefulness.

Thus, here's the Planet Parenting weekly plan:

Monday - Monday Update
Tuesday - Open Topic
Wednesday - Featured Book
Thursday - "Back in the Day"
Friday - Quotable Kid

I hope you enjoy it here at Planet Parenting. Join in the conversation and we'll see where we go.


  1. I think that this is a fabulous idea. I know Ms. Dokas, and I happen to know that she is a stellar parent. Get it? Stellar? Planet? OK, anyway, way to go Dara!!!!