Thursday, August 25, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair, aka The Great Minnesota Get-Together, started today. Every year, the 10 days leading up to Labor Day are dominated by the Fair. At least in my neighborhood, which is only blocks from the fairgrounds.

Some people hate the fair and take their summer vacation this week. Some people see dollar signs during the fair and park cars on their lawn or sell mini-donuts in front of their house. I am one of the thousands who love the fair and go every year, usually several times.

It's crazy, hot, and crowded, but it's also fun, exciting and nostalgic. Plus, you can get practically everything on-a-stick from pork chops to s'mores.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is visit the animal barns. For one city friend of mine, the pig barn practically made him vomit. I know it smells bad in there. But, I love the animal barns. It reminds me of visiting my cousins' farm every summer when I was young.

When I was little, Machinery Hill at the Fair was filled with - you guessed it - actual farm machinery. There were tractors and threshers and huge combines. My brother and I would crawl all over those machines. These days, Machinery Hill is dominated by riding lawn mowers, pick-up trucks, and lumberjacks. (I'm not opposed to the lumberjacks.)

I know things change but I'm glad there are still 4-H animals, blue-ribbon jams, and hand-sewn quilts on display. I mean really, that's what a State Fair is all about.

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  1. Excuse me...It's "Twelve Days of Fun, Ending Labor Day".

    Not ten.