Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 Ways to Waste a Perfectly Good Saturday

How did you spend your Saturday?

Were you productive, determined, and on-the-go?  Did you have your Saturday all planned out by Wednesday?  Did you make lists and check them off?

Sometimes I do.

But not today.  I wasted away a perfectly good Saturday.  And I don't mind at all!

10 Ways to Waste a Perfectly Good Saturday

1. Watch multiple episodes of Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey - Season 3

2. Sort the laundry, but don't actually do any.

3. Spend time wandering around Target with a latte in hand.

4. Read a magazine while your daughter is in her cello lesson.

5. Walk the dog only as far as the neighbor's yard.

6. Read through Writer's Market guide and jot down all the wonderful things you'll write . . . some other day.

7. Lounge in bed while your teen daughter spends hours typing up a paper on your computer.

8. Borrow your husband's warmest penguin pajama pants.  Just because.

9.  Decide it's OK not to take a shower EVERY day.

10. Skip a dinner event because they're serving jambalaya.  Instead, finish out the day by watching more Downton Abbey!

What did you do today?

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