Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teen at Rest

Like a photographer on the savannah of Africa, I wait for the allusive animal.

I don't wait to capture the photo of a lion or gazelle.

I wait for the animal known simply as . . . A TEENAGER!

My patience is rewarded.

I capture two photos of a teen in her natural habitat, doing two of her favorite activities.

Teen at Rest #1:  Texting

Teen at Rest - Texting

Teen at Rest #2:  Reading

Teen at Rest - Reading

Capturing the allusive teenager on film was certainly a photographic success!

I'm linking up with Wordful Wednesday at Parenting By Dummies where photos are good and words with photos are even better!


  1. They are so absorbed in what they are doing they never noticed I assume. Love it. Saw your post in the BBTL group on FB. Nice meeting you Dara.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne! Teens do get pretty absorbed in what they do. Nice to meet you too!